All those fights over Ewing Oil, and Southfork

This blog is dedicated to the popular 80's primetime soap and the new show on TNT, Dallas. Here you'll find caps, gifs and ramblings by one crazy fangirl. Sorry I'm not currently taking any requests. Season Three Starts Back Up August 18th

JR: Well, what is it this time? Another one of your phony striptease shows?
Sue Ellen: You might call it show-and-tell.
JR: Now listen, Sue Ellen. I’m fighting to hold on to Ewing Oil. Wes Parmalee is breathing down my neck… I am in no mood to play any of your games.
Sue Ellen: JR, darling. With your world as tough as it is you need a little amusment. And I have just the ticket. You stay right there. Family entertainment has to be shared to be appreciated. Now, this won’t be airing until next week, but I wanted you to see it first.
Talk Show Host: We have a very interesting show for you today. We have a panel of successful business executives. All of them are women. All of them have made it in a man’s world.
JR: Watching a flock of hens that can barely carry a briefcase is not my idea of fun.
Sue Ellen: JR, will you just look and listen.
Talk Show Host: Our first lady is our most recent success story, probably our most dramatic. She has brought a woman’s point of view into a male-dominated world. Now, most of you would say a male-chauvinist world. But this lady, in a remarkably short period of time has taken a struggling hole-in-the-wall business and turned it into a big, big moneymaker. And catapulted one very happy young model into fame, fortune and Hollywood. The owner and the creative force behind Valentine Lingerie, Sue Ellen Ewing.
JR: That was brilliant, Sue Ellen. My compliments.
Sue Ellen: I had a great teacher.

10.12 Something Old, Something New

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    And it happened in Season 9 - the REAL best season ever!! Kick ass Sue Ellen and a REAL DEAL reunion. Doesn’t get better...
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