All those fights over Ewing Oil, and Southfork

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have you ever watched an episode of something that was so horrible you just sat there afterward like did a group of people really read this script and say ‘wow great idea’

Anonymous asked: "Do you think that Cidre really wanted to reunite JR/SE or was that just a lot of bullshit? I mean, one can claim a lot once it became an impossibility due to Mr. Hagman's death...What is your take on that?"

No. I honestly don’t believe she had any intention to bring them back together. She only mentions these great ideas after the fact. 

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Anonymous asked: "Has cidre made new comments about the show?"

Just this interview

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The fact that people believe a word that comes out of Cidre’s mouth amuses me.

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lalalallalalaal asked: "Hey, what's your opinion about the two movies that were made after the original series? Do you think that's how Dallas should have ended? Because I do... What's your opinion about it? I started watching the remake, then I stopped ...I think they kind of ruined the original story..."

The movies were enjoyable to watch but still left me unsatisfied with the ending.

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Anonymous asked: "I know the show is over but I just gotta ask. Do you think that if the original cast (Larry, Patrick, Linda etc.) wasn't involved in the revamp and they just made it kind of like 'the next gen' do you think TNT Dallas would have a leg to stand on if it didn't ruin the original's image?"

God no.

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There’s this commercial for a local cleaning company. In the commercial they’re cleaning an office, a TV is on in the background and I Dream of Jeannie is play.

Love me some random Larry

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'Nobody is gonna stop me now'


Who had the better pilot episode?