All those fights over Ewing Oil, and Southfork

This blog is dedicated to the popular 80's primetime soap and the new show on TNT, Dallas. Here you'll find caps, gifs and ramblings by one crazy fangirl. Sorry I'm not currently taking any requests. Season Three Starts Back Up August 18th

No one cares about your period Julie


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C’est La Vie by Charlene Tilton

it’s what we call “youtube gold”.

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The fuck is Joshua’s deal? 

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Anonymous asked: "what is the name of that dallas game?"

It’s just called Dallas. It was made by Mattel. 

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This Galveston Enterprises story feels so much more like Dallas than Knots

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OMG you guys this is the sweetest shit ever. Someone come over and play with me! ewingoil?!

Holy shit that looks so awesome! I WANNA PLAYYYY

Anonymous asked: "agh i have this love of larry and barbara on jeannie and then a love for larry and linda on dallas. maybe i need my own larry, in a way that i can't explain, he's very attractive"

He was a very sexy man!

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